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DH Synergetech LLC is a General Contracting firm in the State of CA (CSLB # 385760). We specialize in holistic energy efficiency solutions tailored to meet your needs. We can perform retrofits to your home or business or act as general contractor / project manager for a new construction or technology project.

DH Synergetech’s Solar Solutions

Our solar specialists can help you understand the incentives and benefits that one can enjoy with the installation of today’s State-of-the-Art Solar. Our experts will explain the following benefits:

Synergetech Ground Mount Solar Array
Synergetech Ground Mount Solar Array

DH Synergetech LLC can answer your questions and provide you with an affordable, holistic solution for your energy needs. Contact us to find out if Solar makes sense for you and we will provide you options that fit your budget and get you the highest return on your investment.

DH Synergetech’s IT Solutions

In Information Technology, Synergetech professionals specialize in IT system integration / project management. Our professionals are deployed on a number of IT projects and have successfully delivered:

Feel free to contact us if there are any unique IT system integration needs that you are facing.

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